• POX Siglo Cero will bring another element of Mexican culture to your bar life! POX is an ancestral and ceremonial Mayan beverage, which is made of four different types of corn, sugar cane and wheat and it is a captivating drink of great cultural significance due to its use in Tzotzil/Mayan ceremonies. Thanks to its excellent quality, unique ingredients and the very nature of its category, Pox Siglo Cero creates a special and everlasting bond with those who drink it.

    Please note: The standard price for this POX is 49,80€ in Germany incl. VAT, but prices may vary depending where you are going to order.
  • Ron Libertad is distilled in the highlands of Chiapas, where people know the meaning of "breaking free". The decision to name the brand “Ron Libertad” orignitated as an idea to establish a cultural memorial to the region's heritage, which has a rich history of both internal and external revolutionary conflicts ever since it belonged to the Mayans and later to Tzotziles. Ron Libertad is a community project, run by 8 families with the goal of creating a product founded in Souhtern Mexico's culture, traditions and its historical aspiration for democracy, freedom, peace and justice for indigenous people. Please note: The standard price for this rum is 39,80€ incl. German VAT, but prices may vary depending where you are going to order.
  • Sotol is an ancestral distilled spirit of Mexican origin, sourced from Dasylirions plants, commonly known as "Desert Spoon" or (in Spanish): "sotol". It has its own denomination and in order to be called Sotol may only be produced in Chihuahua, Coahuila and Durango. The Chihuahuan indigenous, the Rarámuri, are said to have fermented sotol juice into a beer-like alcoholic beverage as early as 800 years ago and Sotol is now beginning to achieve international recognition just like its cousins, mezcal and tequila.

    Furthermore, Sotol Sotomayor is produced in a 100% organic and sustainable way, while its production process methods stick to traditional methods as close as possible.

  • Mezcal Local® is a perfect midpoint. They created a flavor that is accessible for new mezcal consumers, yet sophisticated to seduce the most demanding palates. Their product is a pechuga type mezcal, which means that during the distillation process they use the heart of the agave, as well as a combination of fruits. The heart of the agave is a natural purifier, at the same time it adds its distinctive tones to make a premium spirit. And to top things off: Every bottle is handcrafted, which makes every single one of them unique. Please note: The standard price for this Mezcal is 59,80€ incl. German VAT, but prices may vary depending where you are going to order.
  • Dr. Sours #1 All Sours is our citrus creation that combines the highest quality of Mexican limes, lemons and other local citrus fruits. The carefully selected sour flavours become alive with the perfume of spices and the bitterness of dried peels, leading into a fresh tanginess with notes of spicy ginger.

    Serving suggestion: Our #1 goes well with Fizzes, Collins and Champagne Cocktails.

  • Dr. Sours #2 Café de Olla is inspired by the traditional Mexican way of drinking coffee which involves not only a blend of excellent organic coffee from different regions of Mexico, but also warm and sweet spices simmering in an artisanal clay pot over a woodfire. The fullness of earth and nutty flavours along with notes of warm cinnamon and spiced caramel are perfectly accompanied by dark rich flavours of roasted cacao, nuts and outstanding vanilla beans from Papantla, Veracruz. Although, it increases your energy at all levels.

    Serving suggestion: Dr. Sours #2 goes well with Classic Cocktails like a Sazerac or a Manhattan and barrel aged spirits.

  • Dr. Sours #4 Nopal was inspired by a truly Mexican salad made from a certain kind of cactus paddles endemic to Mexico. Vegetable bitters is a rare category, almost as rare as this well tasting and nutritious plant itself. The refreshing milky juiciness of this bitter provides a great complexity through its herbal, mineral and fruitiness that comes from sundried tomatoes, oregano and cumin.                

    Serving suggestion: With a subtle sweet syrup like ending in the palate, it goes well with Hangover and Corpse Reviver Cocktails, Martinis and Margaritas.

  • The idea for #5 Janis came up while having an Agua Fresca De Jamaica, a well-known every day Mexican naturally flavoured water using the “Flor de Jaimaica”, which is cultivated in the states of Guerrero and Oaxaca. The fruity sourness of the Mexican hibiscus, reminds you of dark wild forest berries rounded off by mint and anise notes (reminiscent of Peychaud’s Bitters). It will spark up your drinks and food.

    Serving suggestion: Goes well with Sours, Fancies and Aperitifs


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