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There are several possible ways to contact the Dr. Sours team (wherever we may be), and all of them will result in a speedy answer to your questions or requests. We appreciate messages via Facebook and via e-mail, and of course it would be hilarious if you chose to follow us both on Facebook and on Instagram! 

When it comes to contact language, we can offer you (depending on who you talk to) native speakers in Spanish, English, German or Persian and upper levels of Portuguese and Chinese. 

Dr. Sours Team Mexico This is a pictuer of the Mexican flag in washed out design.

- Production, Development, and Sales -

Dr. Sours Mexico
Colonia Roma Norte
06700 México City


Manu mobile: +52 1 (55) 5509 5678
Sol mobile: +52 1 (55) 2300 0064

Dr. Sours in Mexico

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Dr. Sours in Mexico 19.415683, -99.162340

Dr. Sours Team GermanyThis is a picture of the German flag in washed out design.

- Administration, Accounting, IT & Legal Support -

Dr. Sours GmbH
Andreasstraße 20
93059 Regensburg


phone: +49 179 7557788
fax: +49 941 28005279

Dr. Sours in Germany

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Dr. Sours in Germany 49.024376, 12.099134