The spirit of Sonora

This legendary specialty is created from 100% Agave Pacifica, which is harvested by hand in the wilds of Northwestern Mexico. It's a regional highlight, as its production is bound to the state of Sonora. Additionally it derives its name from a small village with less than 1000 inhabitants: Bacanora. 

Santo Pecado's Bacanora is crafted by master Bacanorero Rumaldo Flores Amarillas in the heart of Sonora where the agave is initially roasted in underground ovens that are fired by mesquite, followed by a double distillation in copper casks. Three generations of sacred magic and a painstaking distillation process go into every bottle.  

Santo Pecado translates to “Holy Sin”, yet the eighth deadly sin might be living a life without ever once experiencing this Bacanora. This Bacanora is sinfully good.

It's 100% organic. 100% artisanal. 100% sinful. It's sin responsible.

This picture shows a bottle of Santo Pecado Bacanora in the sand with people dancing Salsa on a sunny beach in the background

brought to you by Dr. Sours and Santo Pecado

brought to you by Dr. Sours and Santo Pecado

How is Bacanora different?

Agave plants, roasted Piña cores and an artisanal approach to distillation: Doesn't that sound very similar to Mezcal? Or Sotol? Well, it's definitely similar as both general techniques and the overal historical and cultural approach to the creation of Mexican spirits are closely connected all over the country. Nevertheless, there are impactful differences when it comes to the details, starting with the plant itself.

Bacanora is made exclusively with Agave Pacifica, which is native to the Sonora region and takes approximately six years to reach maturity. Eventually both the distinctive local climate and the unique soil in this part of Northern Mexico result in a rich and highly smoky flavor, differentiating Bacanora from its popular Mexican cousins, tequila and mezcal.

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A skull icon in a traditional Mexican "Day of the dead"-syle, representing the State of Sonora where Bacanora is produced


How to get Santo Pecado Bacanora

Santo Pecado's Bacanora will arrive in Germany and Europe in Summer 2021. As soon as it is available, we will let you know via Facebook, Instagram and of course it will be accessible for orders through our Shop section on this website.

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