• Dr. Sours #7 Orange is an all-time classic and a must-have for every bar – but this time… it’s a little bit different. Dr. SoursOrange” is a blend of Mexican sweet and bitter oranges, combined with our very own mix of cardamom and Mexican spices. Just like a homemade orange punch on a cold winter day, it will add a familiar kind of warmness to your drinks.

    Serving suggestion: It is a timeless and limitless new classic… try it with all your creations.

  • The Dr. Sours Bitters Micro Kit is the perfect gift or starter equipment for both professional bartenders and passionate hobby artists. It contains 6 samples of Dr. Sours' most popular and exotic Bitters:

    They come in small bottles (each equiped with a dropper), filled with at least 10ml of the respective Bitter and beautifully arranged in a valuable and handy wooden box, the Dr. Sours Micro Kit is an eye-catching collector's edition that will put a warm smile on any Bitters lover's face.

  • The limited (100 pieces) Dr. Sours Mini Bitters Kit is the perfect gift for any event. It contains 14 different samples of Dr. Sours Bitters #1, #2, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, #11, #12, #15, #16, #17 and #18. They come in small bottles (each equiped with a dropper), filled with at least 10ml of the respective Bitter. Beautifully arranged in a valuable wooden box, the Dr. Sours Mini Bitters Kit is an eye-catching collector's edition that will put a warm smile on any Bitters lover's face.

  • Dr. Sours #8 Bloody Maria is everything you’d expect from a perfect Bloody Mary – as a Bitter: Celery, dried tomatoes, garlic and a wild mix of different peppers, these strong vegetable components will give a deep rich earthy sharpness like a good seasoning would do to any recipe. Consider it the salt and pepper to finish up your dish or drink, reminding you of your mom’s good old vegetable stock when she was cooking for you after school.

    Serving suggestion: Goes very well with Hangover and Corpse Reviver Cocktails, Martinis and Margaritas.

  • Dr. Sours #9 3 Chiles is our own hot’n smoky Mexican chili mix. Putting chili on everything is a Mexican custom and there is a great variety of Mexican chilies from super dangerous hot, mild and savory to sweet and smoky. These last two flavours bring the main characteristics to our bitter, it will heat up your cocktail with a moderate spiciness that almost immediately turns into a smoky sweetness. Although chilies may be good source of fiber and a great antioxidant, use our bitter moderately: Drop it like it’s hot!

    Serving suggestion: Our #9 may be added as a secret ingredient to a burning Bloody Mary or a Mexican Negroni. It can also be used preparing Mexican salsas, guacamole or a chili con/sin carne.

  • Dr. Sours #11 Manganero is our personal bitter sweet symphony which contains mango, tamarind and Habanero chili. Our composition starts off with a first movement full of smooth tropical sweetness followed by an allegro of fire in the second. The edgy heatness finally dissolves into a tangy amargo third movement moderato, giving you chills while walking back home from the opera house.

    Serving suggestion: Our symphony might be heard at the following concert halls: Tiki Cocktails  and Punches.

  • Dr. Sours #6 Quina presents itself cool and refreshing, like a good old dry tonic water. The fine selection of ingredients brings out a numb bitter dry sensation to your tongue. It is a mix of cinchona barks, citrus and lemongrass, completed with the spiciness of fresh ginger. This mix of ingredients makes this a “cure it all” bitter. In fact it was quinine that was first used to treat malaria. Goes well with, Gin&Tonics, Highballs, Gimlets and Martinis.

    Serving suggestion: Some hundred years ago the cinchona tree helped to delevop one of the world’s first malaria treatments, nowadays in enables us to add new twists to Gin & Tonics, Highballs, Gimlets and Martinis. The times they are a changin‘…

  • Dr. Sours #12 Xoco Tea will accompany you in a calm and relaxing evening full of bitter dark sweetness. It contains pure Mexican bitter dark chocolate and a smoky black tea. This bitter will celebrate a party in your mouth: Tastes of smoky wood fire grilled bacon, deep dark rich chocolate and the flavors of a smooth barrel aged spirit with a bold bitterness will come together in the end. For our bitter we only use the highe quality organic cacao from Tabasco or Chiapas, the kind of cacao beans only the Aztec emperors had access to.

    Serving suggestion: Our #12 is an outstanding companion with cask aged liquors like rye, bourbon, rum, tequila or cognac and it will also offer a new twist on a 20th Century cocktail.


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