Dr. Sours Distributors

In 2016 we started establishing a worldwide distribution network for our Bitters and our MZCL, as we ourselves would neither have the resources nor the experience to offer to you competitive high-quality delivery options. Since then we therefore have successfully managed to aquire several professional distributors that offer excellent services and shipping conditions.

This is a picture of a 700 ml bottle from "Mezcal Local", brought to you by Dr. Sours

Mexican Spirits

If you are interested in Mezcal Local, POX, Sotol Sotomayor or Corajito, we have established a network of distributors, from Germany to the UK, Italy and the Czech Republic. For deliveries in other countries, please contact us directly.

Siglo Cero and Dr. Sours POX - 700 ml bottle

This is a picture of the German flag in washed out design.


Fifteenlions GmbH & Co. KG, Auenstrasse 100, 80469 Munich, Germany, Phone: +49 152 292 622 75



Mexgrocer Limited, Units 11 & 12, Stadium Industrial Estate, Luton, LU4 0JF, United Kingdom, Phone: +44 1582 391511



L. Psenner S.r.l., Via Stazione 1, 39040 Termeno, BZ, Italy, Phone: +39 0471 860 178



Mexgrocer/Importmex2018 SL, Av. De la Séquia Real del Xúquer 7, 46460 Silla, Valencia, Spain, Phone: + 34 962652558


Dr. Sours products - Sotol Sotomayor - Agave bw picture


Compagnia Dei Caraibi, Via Ribes 3, 10010 Colleretto Giacosa (TO), Italy, Phone: +39 0125 791104


Dr. Sours Bitters

Dr. Sours Bitters



Dr. Sours Bitters

Based in Germany

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Based in the Netherlands

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Only Dr. Sours Bitters, no MZCL!

In cases where one of our products is out of stock at any of our partners and if you happen to live in Germany: drop us a message via mail@drsours.de. We will then try to help you with your request as quick as possible.