food: ‘Chalupas’

Chalupas with Bavarian potato salad; for 6 people

– Featuring: Dr. Sours Cocktail Bitter #8 ‘Bloody Maria’ –

  • A picture of Dr. Sours Food: Chalupas
  • A picture of Dr. Sours Food: Chalupas
  • A picture of Dr. Sours Food: Chalupas

Ingredients for Bavarian potato salad:

∙ 500g boiled potatoes
∙ 1 onion
∙ 1 cucumber
∙ red wine vinegar
∙ vegetable oil
∙ 2 table spoons of mustard
∙ 2 table spoons of mayo
∙ salt and pepper
∙ Dr. Sours Bitter #8 (‘Bloody Maria’)

 Instructions for Bavarian potato salad:

Put sliced cucumber in salt and let it rest for one hour. Then squeeze carefully the cucumbers to get rid of the excess water. Add all sliced ingredients in a bowl and season it with a dressing made from red wine, vegetable oil, Dr. Sours Bitters #8, mayo, salt and pepper.

Ingredients for shrimps in ‘Salsa Verde’:

∙ 4 garlic cloves
∙ salsa verde with tomatillos homemade or available at
∙ 60ml olive oil
∙ 1,2 kg shrimps
∙ salt and pepper
∙ tortillas or tacos
∙ Dr. Sours Bitter #8 (‘Bloody Maria’)

Instructions for shrimps in ‘Salsa Verde’:

Mix the garlic with salt, olive oil and water until you get a paste. Sear the shrimps in hot oil. Add the garlic paste and keep roasting one more minute. Finally add the salsa verde, salt and pepper and keep simmering for 5 more minutes.