food: ‘Chalupas’

Chalupas with Bavarian potato salad; for 6 people

– Featuring: Dr. Sours Cocktail Bitter #8 ‘Bloody Maria’ –

– Featuring: Dr. Sours Cocktail Bitter #8 ‘Bloody Maria’ –

Ingredients for Bavarian potato salad

∙ 500g boiled potatoes
∙ 1 onion
∙ 1 cucumber
∙ red wine vinegar
∙ vegetable oil
∙ 2 table spoons of mustard
∙ 2 table spoons of mayo
∙ salt and pepper
∙ Dr. Sours Bitter #8 (‘Bloody Maria’)

 Instructions for Bavarian potato salad

Put sliced cucumber in salt and let it rest for one hour. Then squeeze carefully the cucumbers to get rid of the excess water. Add all sliced ingredients in a bowl and season it with a dressing made from red wine, vegetable oil, Dr. Sours Bitters #8, mayo, salt and pepper.

Ingredients for shrimps in ‘Salsa Verde’

∙ 4 garlic cloves
∙ salsa verde with tomatillos homemade or available at
∙ 60ml olive oil
∙ 1,2 kg shrimps
∙ salt and pepper
∙ tortillas or tacos
∙ Dr. Sours Bitter #8 (‘Bloody Maria’)

Instructions for shrimps in ‘Salsa Verde’

Mix the garlic with salt, olive oil and water until you get a paste. Sear the shrimps in hot oil. Add the garlic paste and keep roasting one more minute. Finally add the salsa verde, salt and pepper and keep simmering for 5 more minutes.