food: ‘Bavarian Chili’

Con or sin carne with pretzel chips; for 12 people

– Featuring: Dr. Sours Cocktail Bitter #2 ‘Café de Olla’ –

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  • A picture of Dr. Sours Food: Bavarian Chili


∙ 500g dry Mexican black beans
∙ 2kg wild boar minced meat or small dices
∙ wild boar bones extra
∙ 1 bottle of BBQ sauce
∙ 2 espresso shots
∙ 50ml olive oil
∙ 2 dried chilies (chipotle, ancho)
∙ 2 tea spoons of cumin
∙ 4 pods of cardamom
∙ 2 cinnamon sticks
∙ 2 bay leaves
∙ 2 onions
∙ 1 head of garlic
∙ 1 tea spoon smoked paprika powder
∙ 1 tea spoon oregano
∙ salt and pepper
∙ 1 kg tined tomatoes or tomatoes sauce
∙ 2 table spoons maple syrup, agave syrup or brown sugar
∙ ½ green paprika
∙ ½ yellow paprika
∙ sour cream
∙ Dr. Sours Bitter #2 (‘Café de Olla’)


To save time soak dried beans over night in water one day before eating. As well marinate wild boar over night with BBQ sauce and Dr. Sours Bitter #2. Infuse the coffee with the chilies. Panfry the bones, onions, garlic, cumin, cardamom, cinnamon and bay leaves 10 minutes until golden brown. Add coffee infused chilies, salt and pepper and roast it all together for a couple of minutes. Then sear the meat and spices in the hot pan. Finally add tomatoes, coffee and sugar or syrup and let simmer for 2 more hours. 30 Minutes before serving add the diced paprika. Garnish with roasted pretzel chips, sour cream and a splash of Dr. Sours Bitters #2.