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Cocktail: ‘McFly’

– Featuring: Dr. Sours Cocktail Bitter #18 ‘Lavanda’ –


apricot jam
lemon juice
sage (clary) leaves
Dr. Sours Bitter #18 (‘Lavanda’)

Note: The detailed amounts are a Ka5per secret. But Dr. Sours says:
Try yourself, there is a little Cocktail wizard in each of us…


First take the apricot jam (yes, apricot jam) and add lemon juice. Further add the sage (clary) leaves, Gin and some lavender dashes of Dr. Sours Bitter #18. Shake it for a while and pour it into a tumbler of your choice.


Use a round ice cube and add one sage (clary) leave, a lemon zest and a grape to the edge of the glas.