Dr. Sours Micro Kit

The Dr. Sours Bitters Micro Kit is the perfect gift or starter equipment for both professional bartenders and passionate hobby artists. It contains 6 samples of Dr. Sours’ most popular and exotic Bitters:

They come in small bottles (each equiped with a dropper), filled with at least 10ml of the respective Bitter and beautifully arranged in a valuable and handy wooden box, the Dr. Sours Micro Kit is an eye-catching collector’s edition that will put a warm smile on any Bitters lover’s face.

Size: 6 x 10ml bottle with dropper, packed in a wooden box.
Alcoholic Volume: 39%

  • In Germany: 49,99€ including 7% VAT

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Dr. Sours Bitters are alcoholic preparations flavored with a variety of botanical matter (e.g. herbs, bark, roots or fruits) such that the end result is characterized by a bitter, sour, or even bittersweet flavor. Every flavour and ingredient of Dr. Sours Bitters is natural, organic, seasonal and has been carefully selected and developed by us. They are the only artisanal and handcrafted bitters „Hecho en México“ inspired by mexican traditional cuisine, each of them hand made in small batches using no artificial flavors or dyes.

Dr. Sours Bitters can be used as digestifs and cocktail flavorings, used in drops or dashes. But: They are also considered to be non-potable, meaning that they are not meant to be consumed neat or on the rocks!