• Dr. Sours #2 Café de Olla is inspired by the traditional Mexican way of drinking coffee which involves not only a blend of excellent organic coffee from different regions of Mexico, but also warm and sweet spices simmering in an artisanal clay pot over a woodfire. The fullness of earth and nutty flavours along with notes of warm cinnamon and spiced caramel are perfectly accompanied by dark rich flavours of roasted cacao, nuts and outstanding vanilla beans from Papantla, Veracruz. Although, it increases your energy at all levels.

    Serving suggestion: Dr. Sours #2 goes well with Classic Cocktails like a Sazerac or a Manhattan and barrel aged spirits.

  • Dr. Sours #4 Nopal was inspired by a truly Mexican salad made from a certain kind of cactus paddles endemic to Mexico. Vegetable bitters is a rare category, almost as rare as this well tasting and nutritious plant itself. The refreshing milky juiciness of this bitter provides a great complexity through its herbal, mineral and fruitiness that comes from sundried tomatoes, oregano and cumin.                

    Serving suggestion: With a subtle sweet syrup like ending in the palate, it goes well with Hangover and Corpse Reviver Cocktails, Martinis and Margaritas.

  • The Dr. Sours Bitters Micro Kit is the perfect gift or starter equipment for both professional bartenders and passionate hobby artists. It contains 6 samples of Dr. Sours' most popular and exotic Bitters:

    They come in small bottles (each equiped with a dropper), filled with at least 10ml of the respective Bitter and beautifully arranged in a valuable and handy wooden box, the Dr. Sours Micro Kit is an eye-catching collector's edition that will put a warm smile on any Bitters lover's face.

  • The limited (100 pieces) Dr. Sours Mini Bitters Kit is the perfect gift for any event. It contains 14 different samples of Dr. Sours Bitters #1, #2, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, #11, #12, #15, #16, #17 and #18. They come in small bottles (each equiped with a dropper), filled with at least 10ml of the respective Bitter. Beautifully arranged in a valuable wooden box, the Dr. Sours Mini Bitters Kit is an eye-catching collector's edition that will put a warm smile on any Bitters lover's face.

  • Dr. Sours #9 3 Chiles is our own hot’n smoky Mexican chili mix. Putting chili on everything is a Mexican custom and there is a great variety of Mexican chilies from super dangerous hot, mild and savory to sweet and smoky. These last two flavours bring the main characteristics to our bitter, it will heat up your cocktail with a moderate spiciness that almost immediately turns into a smoky sweetness. Although chilies may be good source of fiber and a great antioxidant, use our bitter moderately: Drop it like it’s hot!

    Serving suggestion: Our #9 may be added as a secret ingredient to a burning Bloody Mary or a Mexican Negroni. It can also be used preparing Mexican salsas, guacamole or a chili con/sin carne.

  • Dr. Sours #12 Xoco Tea will accompany you in a calm and relaxing evening full of bitter dark sweetness. It contains pure Mexican bitter dark chocolate and a smoky black tea. This bitter will celebrate a party in your mouth: Tastes of smoky wood fire grilled bacon, deep dark rich chocolate and the flavors of a smooth barrel aged spirit with a bold bitterness will come together in the end. For our bitter we only use the highe quality organic cacao from Tabasco or Chiapas, the kind of cacao beans only the Aztec emperors had access to.

    Serving suggestion: Our #12 is an outstanding companion with cask aged liquors like rye, bourbon, rum, tequila or cognac and it will also offer a new twist on a 20th Century cocktail.

  • #14 Día de Muertos is inspired by the Mexican tradition of celebrating the dead by decorating their graves and making altars with colorful Aztec Marigold flowers, known as Cempasúchil, which is native from Mexico and means “flower of twenty flowers”. The vibrant scent and bright yellow color of this flower guides the deceased back to their loved ones to enjoy one more day of earthly pleasures. The aroma is sweet, floral and ends with a refreshing menthol hint, while the taste will remind you of an autumn caramelized pumpkin with warm spices and a bitter soul. Used for centuries to cure stomach and respiratory problems. Revives young spirits such as a Corpse Reviver or our own version of this cocktail, the Levanta Muertos. Simply a flavour to die for.

    Please note: Due to seasonal availability of several ingredients, "Dia De Muertos" is only available from October to December.

  • Dr. Sours #15 Epazote, also called “Mexican tea” or “Wormseed”, is a perennial herb (native to southern Mexico) which will add exotic flavours to your dish or cocktail. It has been used in Mexican cuisine for thousands of years dating back to the Aztecs, who used it for cooking as well as for medicinal purposes. Epazote has a resinous, strong medicinal and herbal pungency with many essential oils that resemble citrus, pine, mint and salty flavours.

    Serving suggestion: #15 goes well with young spirits and Margaritas or Daiquiris.


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