Dr. Sours MZCL will bring original Mexican Mezcal to your bar. It is handcrafted and traditionally produced, resulting in a rich, full and pleasant smoky flavor. With MZCL Dr. Sours eradicated the “e” and the “a” from MZCL. “e” as in “exploitation and “a” as in “artificiality”. They reduced it to the historical essence of Agave liquors.

Maestro mezcalero, Asunción Matilde, has been producing high quality Mezcal in Puebla, Mexico, with his small family-run business for generations.  He exclusively developed a perfect and soft Mezcal for us, made from a wild Espadilla agave plant which grows 5-8 years until it can be harvested. Fairtrade, sustainable and 100% distilled agave without additives. Exclusive limited edition of 600 bottles. Centuries old traditional method – all hand and soul made.

Note: Until further notice our MZCL will be labled with an exclusive “Salt & Silver” design. For more information in regard to Salt & Silver and their incredible food journey across the globe, please refer to their website.